Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The present document outlines the privacy policy appertaining to data collected via the Website. It notably pertains to FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS, LLC personal data protection policy.

  1. Personal data protection

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS hereby commits, via the present site, to abide by a regulatory collection and processing of the personal data which falls under its responsibility, in compliance with the 2016, 27 April’s provisions (EU) which relates to the protection of the natural person when it comes to personal data, namely the GDPR.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS includes in the designation personal data any personal information pertaining to a person whose identity is or can be inferred via one or more elements provided to the website by the data subject in an effort to contact our services, make a booking or purchase a programme or any other services made available by our site.

  • Data processing purposes

In so doing, the data provided to our site will be used for booking purposes.

Additionally, it will serve as a tool to facilitate and maintain sales relations—only with explicit consent of the data subject, or if need be, to ensure the fulfilment of service delivery.

The purposes of data processing are as follows:

    • Managing your stay (booking and allocation of the accommodations, scheduling visits to museums and other cultural sites, restaurants bookings, and so on)
    • Managing sales relation with customers (invoices, outstanding invoices, disputes, after-sales service, satisfaction survey, and so on)
    • Marketing activities (newsletters, targeted or generic adds, and so on)
    • Sales statistics

  • Data transfer

To this effect, the collected personal data can be shared with FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS’s staff, including subcontractors, and on a broader scope, to our Tourism and Transportation services partners, in order to fulfil our commitment of service delivery.

  • Personal Data Rights

The data subject has a right to oppose the use of its data by FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS—or withdraw its consent without fees, when it pertains to marketing purposes, notably FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS’s sales activities or that of its partners with authorized access to the data.

Do note that opposing access to your personal data by FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS can prevent FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS to fulfil its commitment with regard to your service requirements.

Moreover, the data subject has a right of access, portability, modification, correction and erasure of its data collected while browsing FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS’s website.

More precisely, the data subject has a right to question FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS’ on the use of its personal data, in such instances as receiving confirmation on whether its data is being processed, information regarding the processing purposes and the types of recipients to which the data is being transferred.

A backup of its personal data can be provided to the subject upon request, in a machine-readable format or directly transferred to a third party of its choosing.

However, FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS reserves the right to object any request characterized as abusive, repetitive, redundant or systemic.

In order to exercise its rights, the data subject can send a letter to the following postal address:

13 rue Ambroise ParĂ© – 75010 PARIS

  • Data Retention Length

Upon booking or purchasing any other services from FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS, personal data will be retained for a period of ten years or more starting from the receipt of the last stage of the booking process, in order to perform optimum customer service.

Additionally, FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS will also retain personal data for legal and auditing purposes, only for the relevant stretch of time, and in accordance to any and all law-specified retention lengths.

Data cookies are retained for maximum of 13 months starting from the cookie creation.

Prospective data is retained for a maximum of 3 years, starting from the last contact recorded with FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS.

  • Data Security Measures

The customer can pick out of multiple payment methods. For each one, data transfer will be operated via a secure system to warant its integrity and non-disclosure.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS provides its customers with a modern and secure credit card payment path.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS will never ask for your whole card details via e-mail, fax or post mail, or any other non-secure communication channel. If the data subject receives such a request, it must disregard it and notify FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS immediately.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS declines responsibility with regard to damages sustained by a customer as a result of credit card information disclosure for which no request was issued.

  • Processing Manager

The processing manager of personal data is Mr Pascal PICHON.

  1. E-Marketing

Public IP addresses collected on the site can be used by FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS for e-marketing purposes related to service delivery. Data subject’s consent will be confirmed prior to any marketing activities. The subject will be able to opt out of its consent at any point in time, by clicking the unsubscribe link in its inbox.

If the data subject makes the explicit request via our online form, it might receive sales offers from our partners. If it no longer wishes to receive these offers, it can once again opt out of its consent.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS may use private IP addresses to target promotional content regarding its services at the data subject or transfer them to third parties with the preliminary, explicit consent of the data subject. The latter can always oppose its subscription to prospective content digitally by clicking the unsubscribe link in the message, or by contacting the third-party sender of the message.

  1. Liability

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS cannot guarantee the non-disclosure of content sent via email or any other communication method supported by an internet network—thus at risk of being misappropriated by third parties, as it is the nature of data communication on such a network.

Incidentally, taking all appropriate measures to protect its own data and/or programs from potential internet viruses is solely incumbent to the data subject.

FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS liability may not be invoked in the following instances:

  • Usability issues or interruption of online services;
  • Momentary interruption of our site for upgrading purposes, maintenance or updates;
  • System failures or malfunction of the internet network during data, messages or documents transfer;
  • Unforeseen or uncontrollable issues from a foreign party with regard to delivering services proposed by the site;
  • Exceptional and unavoidable circumstances preventing the fulfilment of service delivery by PrivilĂšges Voyages.

Furthermore, FRANCE HERITAGE TRAVEL PARIS may not be held liable for direct or indirect fallouts resulting from mistakes in contact details input, or in any other incomplete or incorrect information provided.

The pictures reproduced on the site only serve an illustrative role, and do not hold any contractual force.

  1. Browsing

For optimum browsing experience on this site, the following settings are advised:

  • Browser: IE 10, IE 11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome