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To confirm your interest in the langage and culture January Stage, or simply to receive more information on the programme, please complete this form.

We will reply rapidly to your request in order to be able to adapt the project to your wishes.

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Ex : +33612345647

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04. Personal interests

In order to help us organize things that interest you personally, and to be able to advise you how to use the little free time you will have and prepare for you a list of optional activities, we must know as much as possible about your personal cultural, intellectual, sportive, musical, or other interests.

We would also like to have a clear idea of what you would like to have as part of your actual programme when you are in France and especially in Paris. This is how we can help you take the fullest advantage of your « stage ».


05. Culture

Please give us an idea of the importance for you of cinema, theatre, music, painting, photography and other cultural subjects. If you would like to see/visit something in particular, or visit a specific museum or art gallery, do not hesitate to give us details.

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